Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hole in the Wall

Having a Handyman Hubby is both a blessing and curse. David saves us a lot of money by tackling house projects himself, but sometimes he will start a project and let it sit for months (or years!). Of course I am really grateful for his talents and hard work! However, in this one instance he let his curiosity get the best of him.

Our house used to end with our kitchen, but at some point over the years, an addition was added on. David was pretty sure that our kitchen doorway had a transom since it used to be the doorway to the outside. He's obsessed with transoms, so he decided to test his theory by making a hole in the area above the doorway, and sure enough it was empty hole where a transom used to be.

Doorway in kitchen.

There was a empty box that held the transom.

David wanted to fill the hole with a transom, but we needed to find one that would fit. It took us about two years to find the perfect one. So we had a random hole in the doorway that whole time. We ended up finding one that was the right size on eBay for a good price.

Transom from eBay.

The transom fit in the hole nicely, David just need to add trim around it. David used fluted molding and corner rosettes to frame the transom so that it matches with our window trim. He could only add trim around three sides, as the transom went to the edge of the wall.

Transom fits nicely.

Trim added around the transom.

Although the hole in the wall looked bad for a few years, it was worth the wait to get a nice transom. I love the way it looks when the light from the hallway shines through it. 

Finished look. 

Lit up transom.

Another project that David worked on is exposing the brick on the other side of the doorway. Since this was the original end of the house, this brick used to be the exterior wall. We had experience with this since we had exposed the wall in our living room.

Exposed brick.

David removed the drywall and then used paint remover to try to clean up the brick. That didn't work well, so he tried a heat gun, but after a few hours scraping, he gave up and decided to leave it as is. This brick is a little worse for wear, but the worn look fits since this should be the outside.

Old exterior brick.

David installed this glass light that we got from Second Chance to complete the hallway. I like the way the light casts shadows on the ceiling and shines through the transom. He also made another plaster ceiling medallion using a mold.

Glass light from Second Chance.

The light casts shadows.

Finished hallway.