Friday, December 29, 2017

Kitchen Crown Molding Design

Next up on kitchen checklist was painting and adding crown molding. First, David had to plaster the walls and paint the ceiling and then he painted the walls a gray/beige ("greige") color. I helped by covering the cabinets with newspaper and the countertops with plastic to protect them from paint dripping from the ceiling and taping the edge of the countertops to prepare them for caulk.

Plastering where the cabinets used to be.

David added crown molding and then to change it up a bit, he added thin round wood molding on the ceiling about two inches from the top of the crown molding.

Crown molding.

Adding the rounded wood molding.

He used a small piece of wood to make sure the spacing was consistent between the crown molding and the rounded wood across the entire room.

Round wood molding follows the crown molding.

David painted the wood white to blend in with the crown molding giving it a unique design. From afar, it looks as if the two pieces of wood blend together.

Wood painted white.

Crown molding design.

Finished look.

I really like this look as it adds some extra dimension to the room and spruces up the basic crown molding.