Monday, February 6, 2017

The Dining Room is Finished!

The dining room is finished! Actually, it has been finished for quite some time, I have just been neglecting the blog. We have some minor changes that we may make, but all the big stuff is done.

To finish off the room we hung some artwork from trips that we have taken as well as a wedding photo.

Here are some before pics.

Dining room before.

Plain white walls.

The dining room was red for about a year.

Projects completed:

Here are some after pics:

The dental molding, baseboard and wood paneling give the room that old school vibe.

Antique chandelier and medallion.

We found this secretary desk on the side of the street. David stained the desk to match it with our other furniture.

We painted and refinished this craigslist dresser and mirror. We use the dresser as a buffet.

This project took a long time, but it was worth it!

David installed electrical scones to make the room more elegant. He also added an outlet on the side of
the fireplace which comes in hand Christmas time when I put up Christmas village houses.
We hung posters to commemorate some of our favorite trips. We're featured in the Grand Canyon poster

Stevie in the photoshoot.

Finished product.

Things we may change:
  • Get a fancy old school frame for our wedding picture
  • We might change up the posters (I'd like to make all of them photos of us)
  • Spray paint the sconces
  • Get a different carpet (I like it, but David isn't a fan)
  • Upgrade window - this is something that needs to be done throughout the house
  • Repaint - David is tired of the blue walls (which we've only had for like 2 years). I am in favor of keeping colorful walls as the majority of our walls are beige or gray.

David put a lot of work into our dining room as is evident by looking at the before and after pics. It's our most formal room, as a dining room should be. I love the elegance and vintage feel of this room.

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