Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Cashing in on a Christmas Present

I really wanted some sconces in our dining room to add some elegance. As a Christmas present, David said I could pick some out and he would install them for me.

We ordered antiques ones we both liked on eBay but unfortunately the package was stolen off of our porch. I wonder what the thief did with those sconces, probably pitched them :/

We were disappointed because we really liked those sconces and it's not like we could just order the same ones again. We went to several antique stores but never seemed to find any electric ones. Finally we decided on another pair of brass antiques sconces from eBay. We didn't like these ones as much, but they were the best we could find in our price range. David says they are Tudor style from the 1920s.

2nd sconces from eBay.

One sconce was broken so David super-glued it back together.

Broken sconce.

David had to rewire the sconces since the wiring was disintegrating. Luckily he has had a lot of practice from all of our other antique lights.

Old wiring.

We planned to place the sconces on the sides of the mirror above our fire place. David cut holes in the wall and ran electrical wire from an electrical box at the bottom of the wall. He inserted circular electrical boxes in the holes so that the lights are up to code. It took him a long time to fish for the wire because he didn't want to add too many holes in the wall. After the wire was set up he hooked up the electricity. It always scares me a bit when David is working with electricity, but he's got his handy tester that lets him confirm that the power is shut off.

The electrical boxes installed. 

Wiring takes a lot of problem solving skills especially in an old house that was built before electricity was invented. You have to figure out where the connection will go and make sure it is safe all while dealing with some wires from the 30s, some from the 70s and some from present day. It took David about 8 hours to install and hook up the sconces. It's pretty cool to be able to turn the switch and have the light turn on and know David made that happen.

We have light!

Sconces installed.

We added some new sleeves to the candle part since the old pieces were falling apart as well as some candle bulbs. The brass has rusted and has actually turned green and pink in parts. We are not crazy about the color and have contemplated spray painting them, but for now we have left them as is.

Brass is starting to change color.

The sconces help give the dining room a more formal and old feel. What a wonderful Christmas present!

Lights on.

The sconces tie in nicely with the mirror.

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