Monday, December 21, 2015

'Tis the Season

Christmas is a magical time with all of the decorations, lights and cheer. Hampden goes all out with the 34th street lights. I love seeing the neighborhood lit up and all of the merriness. 

Although our home is not quite on that level, I do what I can to make it festive. I was lucky enough to get some hand-me-down decorations from family members and added some of my own.

Here are some pics of our house all decked out.

Stockings on the staircase for David, myself and the pup.

Nutcracker and little beefeaters. 

Fireplace decorated.

I was really excited to hang Christmas lights outside this year for the first time because David installed an electrical outlet outside and now we have a place to plug them in. Unfortunately, I made a rookie mistake and strung the lights before checking if they worked. Of course, when I plugged the lights in they didn't work, so I tried checking each bulb and replaced the broken ones. The lights still weren't working, so I just left them. A few days later about 30% of the lights magically turned on. I couldn't get the rest working though, so I am not sure what the trick is. I ended up adding another strand of lights so we didn't have random sections lit up.

Finicky Christmas Lights

Our main decoration is the tree...

I have a lot of ornaments; like too many to put on my small tree. My mom usually gave me several each Christmas and so I have amassed many over the years. I like to collect ornaments that represent important moments/things in my life. My favorite thing about decorating is pulling out each ornament and all of the memories that are connected to it. I have ornaments from the places I traveled, ones given to me by grandparents, ones to remember pets and ones of books/TV shows/hobbies that I was into. Decorating the tree takes me a while, but as I hang each ornament I like to reflect on what each ones means to me. 

I have many, many Santas from different cultures.

Ornaments to remember our engagement and wedding.

Irish Blessing, Scottish Santas, and a Crab.

One of David's three ornaments (the soccer ball), my Bella angel and Raven's pride.

Ornaments from my childhood.

Ornament from my mama.

And lastly, Stevie getting into the Christmas Spirit.

Sad reindeer.

Decorating our house brings warmth to our home and gets me excited for the season. Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope your holidays are filled with joy!

Merry Christmas from our family, to yours.