Monday, October 19, 2015

One Step At A Time

After a long hiatus on housework, due to health issues and traveling, David finally finished our steps.

As I mentioned in another post, a few tiles starting fall off of our steps. David, had always wanted to change the steps later down the road, but the fact that he was going have to repair the tiles gave him the motivation to just redo the steps now.

Tiles falling off.

Having a Handyman Hubby is both a blessing and a drawback. Don't get me wrong, David is talented and has done many great things, but it also means he's more risky and open to fixing things up that don't necessarily need to be fixed. Before I knew it, we were ripping off the tile as well as brick and some concrete slabs from our steps. I ended up breaking my toe in an unfortunate accident and so David finished the demolition, but we took a break from the project. We were left with some old, un-level concrete steps for the time being.

Cement steps underneath.

The demolition was very strange. Behind the brick we saw a hug pregnant spider and then a small snake. I guess David was ripping up their home.

Snake living behind the stairs. 

Pulling off the brick and cement 

While I was healing, David and I debated on what to do to the steps. I liked the idea of having brick and slate steps. David wanted to make just basic concrete steps. Since David was doing the work, he won. In the demolition process, David had torn two of the slabs off of the top of the steps and left one behind. To make the steps uniform, David created a wood mold for a 2 inch wide slab and used heavy duty cement to create two slabs. Since I had a broken toe, I told David that I would not be helping him finish the steps. He planned to have his brother come over on 4th of July weekend to help him install the slabs. Then we had another setback in the project because David went to the hospital for three weeks. And after that ordeal, we went on vacation, delaying the project even more.

Making the slabs. 

The steps we were left with for several months.

So our steps were in a state of disorder for much longer than planned. Altogether, this project spanned about three months. I'm sure our neighbors were wondering why we ripped out seemingly decent steps only to have ugly, mis-matched concrete steps. Finally, one weekend in September we were both able to finish the steps together. David spread a layer of mortar on top of the step and we placed the heavy concrete slabs on top. No toes were injured this time, success!

Slabs added on top of the stairs.

As with any house project, there were of course a few issues. David had measured incorrectly for the top step, so he had to fill in a 2 inch gap with concrete. After letting the slabs dry for a day, David painted the steps with Portland cement so that they would look uniform.

Adding went cement to fill the gap.

The steps only cost $50...and one broken toe. But finally being able to check this project off the list after all of the unexpected issues was priceless. It meant that David was finally completely recovered and we could get back to doing unnecessary and sometimes necessary projects to our house. God is good.

Steps painted.

Finished look.