Friday, April 10, 2015

Repurposing Furniture

Currently, some of our projects in the dining room still need some finishing touches, so today, I am going to talk about furnishing the room with all secondhand items. We lucked out and had some good craigslist finds and even got a few pieces for free. I tend to prefer new things over used things, but when it comes to furniture, I do like older pieces.

We bought a french dresser from craigslist for only $75 and the person even delivered it to us. Now we use it as a buffet to store some kitchen appliances. It has that antique look to it, although I'm not sure how old it actually is. I wouldn't have thought to put a dresser in a dining room, but essentially, it's not that different from a buffet or credenza, and this way it was a lot cheaper! We had to change the hardware in the smaller middle drawers because it had porcelain knobs that did not go. Our plan is to stain or paint it so that it blends better with the other furniture in the dining room, but we haven't decided on a color yet. I think it's a beautiful piece and it's a shame to paint over the wood, but in its current state, it does not go.  It also came with a matching mirror but we have not decided where to put it.


David got a faux fireplace before I moved in. My mom was getting rid of it so he decided to take it. One thing our old home is lacking is a real fireplace, but this piece at least gives the look. You can even burn gel fuel to create a fire. We actually used it when our heat went out and it provided a little warmth. David painted the fireplace white so that it would stand out nicely from the wall.

Faux fireplace

We bought this gilded mirror from craigslist to add some decoration. This is a throw back to the Victorian style and kicks our formal dining room up a notch.

Gilded mirror.

This Secretary Desk we found on the curb outside for free. We call this "The Vortex" when items are placed outside in the city because they disappear very quickly. We decline most vortex finds, but this was a nice score. The desk was a cherry red, but David stained it so that it would match with our dining room table.

Vortex secretary desk.

Our Dining Room table we bought off of a friend of David's that was moving out of the country. We were able to get this Crate and Barrel table with four chairs for a fraction of the price. We also bought the area rug from the same friend. The rug matched well in the dining room when the walls were red, but now that they are blue, we are not sure we will keep the rug in this room. These two pieces are the only modern furniture in the room.

Dining room table and area rug.

David topped the radiator with a piece of reclaimed wood. This hides the radiator a bit but is practical because it creates a shelf. 

Radiator made into a shelf.

Although we still may make some changes to our dining room furniture, it is coming together nicely. Our thrifty ways prove that old "antique" furniture does not have to be expensive, you just have to have patience to gather the pieces over time! Also, you may have to paint or stain them so you don't have too much of a mishmash of different color woods.

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