Friday, April 3, 2015

Replicating a Room from a Castle in Our Rowhouse

The inspiration for our dining room came from a room in the Edinburgh Castle that we visited during our honeymoon. Although this room is much more grand, we wanted to create our own formal dining room based on this design. We liked the elaborate ceiling with the paneling. Of course such an ornate ceiling would not fit in our rowhouse, but we decided that a detailed molding would achieve the look we wanted without going overboard. So the Handyman Hubby got to work!

Room in the Edinburgh Castle.

David picked out some dental molding from Lowe's. This molding has some grooves in it. It kind of looks like teeth, hence the name.

Before paneling, molding and painting.

Dental Molding

David cut the molding using a circular saw; he already had experience from putting up the crown molding in the living room, so now he was a pro at making the 45 degree cuts. He installed the molding over the panels before the walls were painted and attached it to the wall with a nail gun.

Molding went over the panels.

David painted the wall before painting the molding.

There were lots of issues with the crown molding looking crooked. David installed the molding straight on the wall, but had to fill gaps in with scrap wood and then plaster because the ceiling and wall aren't even all the way across. In some areas, the plaster is noticeable, but it is better for it to look straight on the wall. David painted the plaster and molding with ceiling paint to help blend it in. It is not perfect, but looks good considering how old our house is.

Wood scraps filling the gaps.

Gaps filled in with plaster.

David also removed the old base board and installed a 6 inch wide base board. Although I was concerned at first that this would make the room look smaller, it actually has the opposite effect and makes the room look taller.

To match the living room, David changed the window trim to the corner rosettes and fluted molding.

I like that the crown molding and base board is different from the living room. I don't think the dental molding would fit in every room, but it looks nice in the dining room. It complements the wood paneling and makes the room more elegant. And like that, we have our own formal room fit for the king and queen of the house...and the squire! Now if only we could add grand fireplace we'd be set.

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