Friday, April 17, 2015

Light it Up

We tend to move our light fixtures around a lot! We had two other modern chandeliers that we had installed in the dining room for a period of time before settling on an antique one. The chandelier that we now have in the dining room was originally in living room, as I had mentioned in a previous post. David thought this chandelier was too fancy for our living room, but felt it would be better suited in our more formal dining room.

Modern Chandelier we had up in the Dining Room for a while.

The biggest lighting challenge has not been finding antique chandeliers (as we found several cool ones) but has been finding glass shades for our chandeliers. We went everywhere in pursuit of shades. We checked out antique stores, Wilson's Lighting in Towson and looked on eBay as recommended by Jill from the HouseLove blog. The problem with antique stores, is that they don't usually have a set of four matching shades. Wilson's Lighting and eBay did not have what we were looking for. We wanted ones with some color in them and that were unique looking.

Chandelier without any shades.

David purchased some basic shades from Lowe's to try out on the chandelier. Not long after he put these shades on, I was sitting at the dining room table, when all of the sudden I noticed a string coming down from the ceiling. I thought for sure it was a spider web and went to investigate! Then I saw this liquid oozing from the chandelier. I realized it was hot glue! David had used hot glue to attached the glass shade to the chandelier and the heat from the bulbs was melting the glue. #Handymanhubbyproblems. Those shades weren't going to work! But the good thing is that I didn't like those glass shades anyway.

We eventally found permanent shades just a couple of weeks ago. We ended up buying two brass sconces from Second Chance just for the glass shades. This was probably cheaper than buying glass shades alone at most stores. The sconces each came with three shades, so now we have 2 extras in case any break.  Although these don't have any color to them, we liked the rippled style.

Sconces from Second Chance.

Shades installed.

We had to put up the chandelier and take it down a few times because David decided to rewire it. He used his new electrician skills to replace the ratty old wires with new ones. We installed a medallion so that it would match the living room chandelier. Reminder: put the medallion on first! We accidentally installed the chandelier without the medallion and then had to take it down and do it all over again. I usually hold up the chandelier while David connects the wires, and my arms get tired, so it's best to do it right the first time!

Glass shades and medallion installed.

David also installed a motion sensor light switch for our dining room. This allows us to not have to worry about turning the light on or off when we walked in and out of our dining room. We had been using it without issues with one of the modern chandeliers, but when the antique chandelier was installed, it was not working. We thought that maybe the old chandelier just wouldn't be able to handle it, but after some troubleshooting, David finally got it working! The chandelier has a light switch for each light bulb, so we had to make sure each one was switched on and had a bulb in it for the motion sensor to work. We got some low wattage bulbs so it wouldn't be too bright.

So now we have our chandelier and glass shades installed and working properly. I'm thinking we will keep this in place for many years to come, but I guess you never know...

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