Friday, March 6, 2015

Everything is Illuminated

After visiting several antique stores, David and I became a little obsessed with antique lights and chandeliers...

It started out because we needed a floor lamp for our living room. We couldn't find any modern ones we liked in the store. On David's birthday, we stopped by some antique shops in Cockeysville to browse. Unfortunately, a lot of the stores have gone out of business, but there are still a few that are operating. We found a brass floor lamp that we both liked as well as an old kerosene lamp at American Pastimes. The kerosene lamp had been rewired to be electric. We were able to bargain the price down since we were buying both.

Brass Floor Lamp.

Kerosene Lamp.

The kerosene lamp came with a clear glass chimney shade, but we changed it out for a frosted chimney shade to dim the light a bit.

Frosted glass chimney shade.

These first two lights, were the start of the obsession. The thing about antique shops is that they tend to have a lot of nicknacks that just clutter up your house. But it's fun when you can find something old and authentic that has practical use such as a light or furniture and be able to integrate into your home.

Originally David installed a ceiling fan in the living room, but then decided it wasn't practical downstairs and would be better used in our bedroom. So we though maybe we could find a cool antique chandelier to install to make the room look more elegant and vintage.

Ceiling Fan we had in the living room.

David texted me one day a picture of a chandelier from Second Chance. I like it and he was able to negotiate the price, so we purchased it.

Chandelier from Second Chance

David installed the chandelier in our living room. We needed to find some glass shades to add to it so the light wouldn't be so bright. I liked the chandelier just fine, but David felt it was too fancy for our more casual living room. He thought it would look better in the dining room, which he had plans to make more formal.

Chandelier Installed in Our House.

So then we went in search of a less formal chandelier to go in the living room. We decided to hit up Antique Row in Mount Vernon in pursuit of a vintage chandelier that was not too pricey.

We found one we liked in Connoisseur's Connection and it's price was not bad. It was not hooked up to electricity, so we weren't 100% sure it would work. Then we went next door to Weber's Antiques and found another chandelier that David really liked.  So we were torn between the two. After about two weeks of debating we went back and ended up buying both!

Chandelier we bought from Weber's Antiques.
Chandelier from Connoisseur's Connection installed in our living room.

David had no problem hooking up the chandelier from Connoisseur's Connection in the living room. This chandelier is my favorite because it has beautiful detail! It was actual the cheapest of all three and came with two glass shades. The owner of the shop said it was originally from 1875 and came from a house in Mount Vernon. My favorite feature is the gas keys at the bottom that were originally used to turn on the gas so the chandelier would illuminate. David installed a medallion on the top. Medallions were used to catch the smoke from the gas chandeliers back in the day. It was easier to repaint or replace the medallion rather than the ceiling.

Now every light on our first floor (except for the bathroom) is an antique. All of these light fixtures have unique detail and salute the turn of the century when the world was switching from gas to electricity, which happens to be the same time period when our house was built.


  1. Wow, this is so cool! I don't remember seeing these. How long have you had them? Maybe I am just oblivious...

  2. Hmm, I think the last time you were over was for David's bday and we only had one of the chandelier's then, but it was not installed. So no, you aren't oblivious :p.